About Marik Gunfighter Alliance
Marik Gunfighter Alliance has been formed with a mission of supporting any Lance needs that may arise with House Marik units. By forming an Alliance of MechWarriors we will provide support when needed with quality, skilled, and professional pilots willing to fill any roll on the battlefield. Our loyalty is always and only to House Marik and we will do everything in our power to uphold those beliefs and principles.MGA Logo

What is unique about this unit is we do not need a membership commitment. If you decide to join the ranks of MGA, you will be a pilot that can help fill a missing Mech Unit pilot for an upcoming battle. You will be considered an alliance of mechwarriors who just needs the word from another unit in need. If you decide to join a permanent Marik Unit in the future, there is no binding contract to hold you.

MGA is created to make players feel free to play with no obligations.

MGA is NOT a MERC unit. We are loyal to FWL, and will support any and all FWL existing units.

If you have joined the ranks of MGA, there are a few things that can make you breathe easy:

1) You are NOT bound by contract. If you decide to join up with another Unit, we will support your decision, and there will be no hard feelings. This is an alliance of mechwarriors who volunteer to fight for FWL with the MGA badge.

2) There are NO ranks within our unit. All pilots operate independently as well as a group. New recruits are treated with the same respect as vets. Our teamwork and actions will show the rest of FWL that we are a strong unit.

3) Check your politics at the door. You bring in your opinions on mech warfare, combat and sense of humor. Judgments and drama will have to be left outside of MGA walls.

4) Last, but not VERY least: Have fun. This group was created to encourage players to have fun with teammates without the feeling of obligations. We will win games, and we will lose games. Both should be accepted with hardy laughs and virtual fist-bumps.